Friday, February 13, 2009

Vernon Game Day Audio

(The 1939 World Champion Smokies)
"There (are) guys that are playing for their jobs next year" Jim Ingram
Tonight is a big night for Trail hockey. Before the big game with Vernon, the BCHL Smokies will honour the 70th anniversary of the 1939 World Champion Senior Smoke Eaters. You don't want to miss that. Hopefully it'll be a nice little emotional boost for a Junior Smokies squad that has had a rough start to 2009. They've only won 3 out of 15 games since the clock struck midnight on a Cinderella fall of 2008. With only five returning players and so many rookies we were all surprised by the early success this Trail team had in taking over first place and getting ranked nationally. Now we are all also surprised by the struggles this very talented team has gone through over the last two months.

For a good preview of tonight's game head over to vipersdiehardfan's blog.

Coach and GM Jim Ingram says this week was an intense one with practice, video sessions, team meetings and one on one meetings with the boys. He says they are as prepared as they can possibly be for Vernon and Westside this weekend. It's now up to this young team to show up and perform the way that we all know they are capable of performing. It's up to them to look into themselves, dig deep and find that scrappy, hard working and skilled team that was making so many waves in September and October. The other part of the message? If they don't, some of these guys will have to find somewhere else to play next fall.

Smokies Coach Jim Ingram

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(Trail Sports Hall of Memories)

As for the team we're honouring tonight, I had the chance to talk to one of Trail's most knowledgeable hockey historians on the subject. We discussed the formation of the squad, their achievements and their place in history.

President of the Trail Historical Society Jamie Forbes

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For more from the Trial Historical Society you can visit their website.

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