Friday, February 6, 2009

Not a 6-0 Game

Just wanted to come on quickly after tonight's game and say for those of you who see the scoreboard and quickly assume it was a one sided blow out, it wasn't. Vernon worked hard and earned the victory, but the Smokies stayed with them and battled them hard for 50 minutes. In the end 1-0, 2-0, 6-0 they are all losses and all point out how hard a time Trail (and anyone else for that matter) is having scoring against the Vipers. However, until the Smokies fell appart at the end of the game this one was a real battle.

A pointless weekend but a weekend where Trail honestly and truly really seemed to be starting to do a lot of the things they were doing when the team was winning hockey games more regularely. I'm sure nobody in that dressing room is happy, but it's a race not a sprint. If they correct a few things and limit their badly timed defensive lapses, the style of play I saw this weekend is going to win them some hockey games.

Lets just hope that this bad run doesn't tank the team's confidence. They did a lot of things right this week. They just need to put it all together. I don't think it's far off...

That being said Vernon is a damn tough team. They don't give you a lot of room, they're very deep and they control the puck better than any other squad in the Interior. Can they be had? Absolutely, but it will never be easy.

More to come later this weekend.

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