Saturday, February 28, 2009

Game 2 Game Day

Game one was more of the same. The Smokies had their chances and couldn't convert. Westside opportunistically took advantage of Trail mistakes and walked away with the 5-1 win. Was it a 5-1 game? I don't think so. Westside Coach Mark Howell said it himself when I talked to him this evening. Trail out shot the Warriors 33-27. The actual flow of the play was very even. However, Westside's game breakers got the job done and Trail's didn't. Doesn't matter how close the score is or how close the shots are. There's no more time to build on the things they're doing right. Now is the time to actually just plain do it.

Boisvert and Koshey come out of the line-up tonight. Reardon and AP Sam Olson come in. Olson scored 48 points in 41 games for a Grand Forks team that really struggled this year in the KIJHL. He's an 18 year old with a lot of skill. However, he's coming into the line-up for a 19 year old forward in Boisvert who put up 45 points in the BCHL this season. That's big shoes to fill. Other players on the Smokies depth chart are going to have to step up.

Gagne for Westside is going to take the warm up tonight as is a game time decision.

Here's how the season series breaks down...

Sept 13: Westside 4 at Trail 2
Oct 25: Trail 3 at Westside 5
Nov 22: Westside 4 at Trail 6
Nov 23: Westside 3 at Trail 2
Dec 14: Trail 4 at Westside 5
Feb 5: Trail 3 at Westside 4
Feb 14: Westside 4 at Trail 2
Feb 17: Trail 1 at Westside 4
Feb 28: Trail 1 at Westside 5 (Game 1)



Ryan Bulach (2-8-10)
Danny DeKeyser (3-4-7)
JF Boisvert (3-2-5)
Brandon Clark (2-3-5)
Travis St. Denis (3-1-4)
Paul Mailey (2-2-4)
Patirck Raley (0-4-4)
Nick Sandor (2-1-3)
Brett Corcoran (0-3-3)
Justin Brown (2-0-2)
Sean Nugent (1-1-2)
Patrik Martin (0-2-2)
Adam Gummer (0-2-2)
Riley Loyst (1-0-1)
Scott Jacklin (0-1-1)
Jadon Porterfield (0-1-1)
Graeme Strukoff (0-1-1)
Jayson Reardon (0-1-1)


Ron Kelly (4-9-13)
Ron Bailey (7-5-12)
Corey Pritz (4-6-10)
Chad Gehon (2-7-9)
Jordan Gange (5-2-7)
Vince Mihalek (3-4-7)
Kyle Singleton (3-4-7)
Garrett Watson (2-5-7)
Alex Grieve (3-3-6)
Justin Schultz (2-4-6)
Brad Plumton (1-4-5)
Cam Reid (2-2-4)
Joel Woznikozki (0-4-4)
Brendan Ellis (0-3-3)
Craig Eisenhut (0-3-3)
Grayson Downing (1-1-2)
Tyler Krause (1-0-1)
Michael Quinn (0-1-1)
Jordan Gidaro (0-1-1)


Paul Barclay (TRA) 0-6, 4.00GAA, 0.876%
Marco Raimondo (TRA) 1-2, 3.82GAA, 0.882%
Kevin Jebson (WES) 4-1, 2.85GAA, 0.903%
Devon Murtagh (WES) 2-0, 2.50GAA, 0.898%



Nugent-St. Denis-Mailey
Olson (AP)-Loyst-Brown


Ross (AP)

Scratches: Boisvert, Koshey, Gummer, Legassic, Raimondo

Affiliate Players: Sam Olson from the Grand Forks Border Bruins, Alex Ross from Kootenay Major Midget





Scratches: Gould, Miller, Gagne (taking warm up)


You can hear the broadcast on Mountain FM with AM Ford Trail Smoke Eaters Hockey at 6:45pm. We're available on FM at 104.1 in Trail, 99.3 in Castlegar, 103.5 in Nelson and 96.7 in Grand Forks. The game is also available on BCHL PPV with the Westside broadcast and in the BCHL Fanzone with both home and road feeds.

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