Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brodie to Colgate

I've got some audio and analysis coming from the game last night, word on some great deals for Friday's game, the alumni update, my thoughts on next year's schedule and a whole lot more. For now I just wanted to get a post up congratulating former Smoke Eater Cam Brodie for locking down a scholarship to Colgate. The big man was in my view one of the more underrated players in the league last season. His injury was a massive blow to Trail. I would have to think that his two seasons with the Smokies were a big part of Cam turning into the kind of player that got this opportunity. He worked damn hard to get here and it's awesome to see that hard work pay off. Brodie deserves this opportunity and I'm sure everyone in Trail is thrilled to see him get it. Of course now that he's a Viper they'll also be happy to see him get the hell out of the BCHL when the season is over!

Good luck to one of the good ones. For more information check out vipersdiehardfan's blog. There's some stuff on the BCHL and Vernon websites as well.

Again more on last night's game coming up tonight or tomorrow. Trail really did play a very good game and ran into a hot goalie. Hopefully that kind of hard work will pay off soon.

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