Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Game Day: Merritt at Trail

It's a big game tonight for the Smokies as they take on a Merritt club that has for whatever reason controlled the season series so far. The first three games were in Merritt where the Cents have been at their best. However, the most recent contest was in Trail and the first road win of the season for Merritt. It was a game that Keith Hamilton stole with a fine performance. It was also a surprisingly loose and sloppy performance from a Trail team that has tightened up and played a much more complete game this month. They can't afford to have another let down like that tonight. Merritt needs and deserves the same effort and discipline that every other opponent has received this month. Their four wins over Trail should certainly prove that. They're also a team that Trail should be able to beat at the Cominco Arena. The season series should not be as lopsided as it is based on the talent level. That means more than anything Trail's mental game and their work ethic is the key. Here's how the series breaks down...

September 11: Trail 2 at Merritt 4
October 6: Trail 3 at Merritt 8
October 24: Trail 5 at Merritt 8
December 11: Merritt 3 at Trail 2


Trail: 1/18 (6%)
Merritt: 5/14 (36%)


1. F Derek Hills (MER) 4-4-8
2. F Jeff Jones (MER) 3-4-7
3. F Scott Jacklin (TRA) 1-5-6
3. F Duston Johnson (MER) 4-2-6
3. F Andrew Pickering (MER) 0-6-6
3. D Steve Tresierra (MER) 0-6-6
7. F Sam Merllor (TRA) 4-1-5
7. F Nick Sandor (TRA) 1-4-5
7. D Ryne Bodger (MER) 2-3-5
7. F Colton Sobchak (MER) 2-3-5


1. Keith Hamilton (MER) 3-0, 3.33GAA, 0. 917%
2. Kiefer Smiley (TRA) 0-2, 5.71GAA, 0.835%
3. Garrett Beckwith (TRA) 0-2, 6.02GAA, 0.822%





There is no home radio broadcast, but the game is available on BCHL PPV.


Trail will be debuting their new third jerseys. I can almost guarantee that old school Smokies fans will love it.

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