Thursday, December 3, 2009

Donate to Smoke Eaters Blog

Perhaps this is shameless I don't know, but I just discovered that PayPal has a system so that anyone who enjoys the blog can make a donation to the cause. You certainly don't have to feel obliged to do it. I do this blog for a couple of reasons... mainly because I'm passionate about the sport, the league and especially the Smoke Eaters. That being said, it also takes up hours and hours of my time. You can ask any BCHL blogger how quickly it can eat into your free time the more you devote yourself to it. There is also a limited expense for paying fileden to house my interview audio. Does anyone know of a better option? I haven't been able to access their site for the last few days.

Whether I get $2 or $200,000 I'll continue to devote as much time to the blog and my coverage of the team as I can. I was just doing up my budget and figured a little begging couldn't hurt! We'll be right back at it tomorrow as the Smoke Eaters are on the road in Salmon Arm and then back at home against Vernon on Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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