Friday, August 21, 2009

Ingram Talks Camp

As previously stated I'm on vacation and as such somewhat out of touch. I've tried to stay in contact with folks back home so if anything breaks I can have it for you on the blog... but no promises. For now I'll leave you with a conversation I had with Smokies Coach and GM Jim Ingram just before I left last week. We discuss what he expects for all positions at training camp and the process of evaluating all that young talent. Wish I could be there when the boys hit the ice, but I trust all you Smokies fans out there will keep me up to date with e-mails to

We should also have some updates from camp if I can get the blog set up for my guest blogger. Stay tuned for that as well as the possibility of live blogs from the exhibition tournament on Ryan Pinder's Vees Blog. I don't know if that's a go or not yet so keep an eye on it.

Here's Coach...

Jim Ingram on Camp

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...Merritt got their new Coach/GM tandem very quickly after the departure of Bouchard broke. I assume things happened that way for a reason. Brian has things covered with articles and interviews over at the Making Cents Blog. These brothers have pretty good resumes. I hope they can build some positive momentum for the Cents. Again we'll find out when the season opens on September 11th in Merritt.

...Check for a video of Dany Heatley wearing a BCHL jersey during their story on his chat with the press today. I know the Smokies are looking for some extra goal scoring this season!

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Ryan Pinder said...


Live Game Blogging is a go for Vees games.

Also I'll try to have recaps of the other matches as well as the usual smattering of interviews.

Between the Smokies Blog and the Vees Blog (
we'll have solid coverage of the inaugural round robin from the Kootenays.