Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grisdale on All-Star Game, Big Smokies News

There's been lots of talk about the BCHL's new All-Star Game format. I figured why not go right to the top again to get the league's perspective on why they've changed from an Interior vs. Coastal game to a defending BCHL Champion vs. All-Star Game. Here's the commish from last night's Mountain FM Overtime show...

John Grisdale on the All-Star Game

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That's the view from the BCHL head office. I suppose we'll see how well this move works when they try it out this winter in Nanaimo. I really do hope they can arrange the AJHL vs. BCHL game for the following season though.

As for the Smoke Eaters, Coach and GM Jim Ingram will announce this year's Captain and two of the alternates tonight on Mountain FM's Overtime. Tune in just after the 6 o'clock news tonight on 104.1 FM in Trail. I'll have that news on the blog eventually but you've got to tune into Overtime tonight if you want to know before anyone else! Also you should scroll down the page a little bit for some good news on a former Smokies alternate captain...

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