Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clark to Iowa State

(Photo Randy Emery)

Former Smoke Eater Brandon Clark has committed to play for Iowa State in the ACHA. The four year BCHL veteran earned a full academic scholarship to the school. His hockey helped him and he'll be a huge part of the team, but this just goes to show how important academics are. Clark deserves a ton of credit for making sure his marks were good enough to create this opportunity for himself. His goal was to get his education paid for at a good school and he achieved it. Kudos to Brandon.

I remain convinced that Brandon is a Division 1 player. He had a strong career before Trail (especially in Surrey) but I think really put it all together in his final season. Anyone who watched the Smokies in the first half of the season would have to have noticed how strong Clark was. In my view he was one of the best defencemen in the league in the fall. He scored game winner after game winner, was the key to what was a deadly power play, a very important off ice leader (who could handle himself in any battle of insults) and a rock in his own zone. I'd say in the first half of the season he was probably the club's MVP. That says something given how well Gehon, Bulach and others were playing.

That's when the injury bug struck. Clark missed significant time and was never at 100% again. His injury was one of the biggest factors in Trail not being able to keep up the pace they set early in the season. I also think if not for that injury he'd be playing Division 1 next season. All that being said he is getting his education paid for, getting to play hockey and setting himself up for life. That's what it's all about. I talked to Brandon about it all recently on Mountain FM's Overtime...

Brandon Clark on Iowa State

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Stay tuned for an update on a new defenceman and other BCHL news later tonight.

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