Friday, August 7, 2009

Billet Families Needed

The Trail Smoke Eaters are looking for some billet families for the 2009-10 BCHL season. It's a great way to be a part of the Smokies family... and get free season tickets! I have to say I know so many stories of billet families who end up making rich, life long connections to the players that pass through their home. Just talk to assistant coach Brian Youngson who still has a great relationship with his billet family from Fernie or former Smoke Eater Stefan Decosse who still has a great relationship with his billet family from when he was in Beaver Valley and Trail. These are great kids who in addition to being easy to deal with can actually contribute a lot to your home. Here's Smokies board member Scott McKinnon...

Scott McKinnon on Billets

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That number again is 368-5750.


...The Castlegar Rebels have traded Ryan Bulach's brother Corey to Sicamous for forward Luke Richardson. At least this Luke Richardson doesn't have to stand up for Jarkko Ruutu. Corey played half the season last year for the Rebels and impressed a lot of people with his heart and tenacity. He's now going to the team that Ryan took to a KIJHL Championship against former Smokies Patrik Martin and Stefan Decosse when they played for Beaver Valley. Richardson will be trying out for Junior A, but if he doesn't make it he'll be a big offensive cog for the Rebels. Castlegar also added Ryan Reid to their roster for next season. They have lots of holes to fill from graduating players and from four of their guys going to Williams Lake for next season.

...The Fernie Ghostriders blog has gathered some feedback to Kamloops winning the right to host the Keystone Cup. Obviously folks in Fernie and Nelson are not too pleased by this. I know for my own reasons I'd love to have seen the event in Nelsone where they would've put on a great show. I think that's the biggest reason I don't like the BC Hockey decision. In Nelson and Fernie the KIJHL is the #1 hockey show in town. In Kamloops it's second to the WHL. Plus Kamloops gets so many tournaments that it won't be as special there as it would have been for the smaller communities. That being said, I'm sure Barry Dewar and his organization will do a hell of a job.

...The Penitcton Vees have a new trainer who is also a qualified coach.

...Former Smoke Eater (twice) Brian Kang is headed to college.

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