Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bulach to Geneseo, Lenardon on Turik

Smoke Eaters Captain Ryan Bulach is headed off to SUNY Geneseo in the NCAA. Bulach will have another Smokies alumni with him in New York as Stef Decosse played there this season. They're two of the classiest guys I've met in hockey so that should be awesome for the school. Bulach's attitude, work ethic and determination will be a huge boost for any team. He also proved he can be a player at both ends of the ice this season as he was Trail's leading scorer and MVP. Bulach will be taking education and one day I imagine will be a terrific teacher. Congratulations Ryan, you deserve every opportunity in the world.

Ryan Bulach on Mountain FM's Overtime

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Quickly I also wanted to add the interview I did with Smokies legend Norm Lenardon on the passing of Frank Turik. Norm was great as always.

Norm Lenardon on Mountain FM's Overtime

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