Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Post Playoff Audio

(The Warriors and Smokies battle - Photo Randy Emery)

Just wanted to say a quick congrats to Andrew Pickering for a hell of a playoffs so far. That line of Ambrosie/Pickering/Muchalla has willed the Spruce Kings back into their series with Penticton. It's the only first round series going to a fifth game. Should be a war in Penticton with Vernon licking their chops to play the battered winner. I wish we were seeing a game 5 tomorrow... man it was close!

More to come on the end of the season for the Smokies. I want to spend some time breaking down what went right and wrong this season. I want to talk about the 20 year olds whose junior careers are now over. I want to spend some time thanking everyone who made this season possible. However, it's 2am and I have to get to bed. For now here's some audio to tide you over. Of note, I couldn't get access to the first or second period of Monday's game. That's why the highlights are limited to the third and overtime.

Game 3 Third Period and Overtime Highlights

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Trail Smoke Eaters Coach Jim Ingram

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