Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks You Smokies

Thanks to the fans, coaches, volunteers, executive and players for a fantastic season. You are all class acts. I only wish it ended much later. A fantastic effort that just fell a little short. Thanks for all the hard work and entertainment. I had a blast. With 17 players eligible to return (though really only 15 thanks to limits on the number of 20 year old players) I can only hope to see most of these guys back next year for a run at the Fred Page Cup.


Anonymous said...

Shawn you are one of the most dedicated team players I have seen on the Trail Smoke Eaters. You have game after game been there for the guys and the fans and I wanted to say thank you and it is a pleasure working alongside with such a fine gentleman.


Ro Herregraven said...

Some things don't change when you travel across the globe:

Just 15 hours after the Trail Smoke Eaters were eliminated from the play-offs, the Geleen Smoke Eaters suffered the same fate, losing game three of the best-of-five Semis at home to HYS The Hague. The Hague advances to the Dutch Championship Finals. The season is over for the Smoke Eaters (both of them).

For the historians among us: HYS The Hague hosted the Trail Smoke Eaters twice in 1939.

Ryan Pinder said...

Great work this season Mullin.

Aside from a cheesy "thank-you' JPG, you've been excellent!

Shawn said...

Ro thanks so much for the update. Sounds like Smokies fans on each side of the pond will have to suffer with the bitter taste of defeate throughout the summer months... but like any other hockey fans we'll all be planning for next season and dreaming of championships again soon enough.

Thanks Ryan, you're just upset that I stole the picture before you could use it!

AnnJ said...

Hey Shawn,
Thanks for all your hard work this season for the Trail Smoke Eaters. You have shown a great attitude and willingness to listen to the fans!
Are you not on Facebook anymore? I mean other than your blog?
Thanks too for the well thought out and well written letter in the Trail Times tonight.