Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Did we suck any of you in? This morning on Mountain FM's Rudy and Johnson show we played an April Fools Day prank on local hockey fans. Our sportscasts and show content featured very serious sounding stories reporting on the sale of the Trail Smoke Eaters and an impending move to Campbell River. Thanks to Jim and Tom for playing along. I hear they got more than a few phone calls this morning. If the reports upset you... frankly, I'm glad to hear it. We were just having some fun, but it's important to remind ourselves how good we do have it with a BCHL team in Trail. It's great hockey and everyone involved in making the community owned team possible deserves our praise and thanks. Just look at Powell River to see what a community owned team can accomplish with hard work and good hockey men. I believe that's in the midst of happening here. It'd be a huge shame if we ever lost it. This is how it went down this morning for those of you who missed it...

Mountain FM's April Fools Joke

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Campbell River is a beautiful city... but no, they're not getting our Smokies.

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