Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Should Trail Do?

Just like last year I want to stay on top of the BCHL Trade Deadline here on the Smokies blog. I'll post the trades as I discover them with my analysis of the moves and what they mean for the teams and players. There have all ready been a couple of moves (including one with a former Smoke Eater involved) and I'll get to them shortly.

First though I want to know what you think Trail should do. I've got two polls here on the blog asking your opinion on what kind of moves you think the Smoke Eaters should make. It's an interesting situation for Jim Ingram here. The team has shown the ability to compete with anyone in this league, but they also have so many young players on the team that it would seem like they are being built for a bigger run at a championship next season. However, they wouldn't have Ryan Bulach, Chad Gehon, Brandon Clark, Marco Raimondo, Jadon Porterfield and Patrik Martin next season. With that core in place and leading the team this season, isn't there a real opportunity here for the Smokies to add a couple of pieces and make a significant push?

What do you think Trail should do? Vote in the poll and comment here.

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