Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brief Sunday Update, Ingram Interivew

Check out the Making Cents blog for an update on what basically amounts to the rest of the moves at the trade deadline. I'm not sure if there was a trade this weekend that didn't involve Merritt some how! Brian has done a great job staying on top of all the moves. What does it amount to for Merritt? We have no idea. Lots of futures which means money or players next year or both. We won't know what kind of a return Merritt will get for the merry-go-round until the season is over.

Another note for Smokies fans is that Andrew Pickering got turned around by Surrey to Prince George for Grant Toulmin. There will be a lot of opportunity for him on that team when basically their entire top group (sans Muchalla) either graduate from the league or head to college.

There are some deals out there that we've heard about through a few sources but don't appear on the BCHL website. Does that mean they are up for review or late? I guess we'll find out sooner rather than later.

I'll have my analysis of all the deals tonight or tomorrow.

After the gutsy effort (but loss) for a shorthanded Trail team last night against Salmon Arm, I had the chance to chat with Coach and GM Jim Ingram. He made it absolutely clear that the moves at the trade deadline did not amount to Trail selling assets and re-stocking for the future. They wanted to make the hockey team better now. Here's Jim:

Coach and GM Jim Ingram

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I talked to Brett Corcoran today and will have that interview, Jim Ingram, Nick Sandor, Michael Spring and more on Mountain FM's Overtime tomorrow night. 6-9pm on Mountain FM.

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