Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There IS a Relocation Deadline

My head is spinning. If you want background on what I'm talking about read this post. Mr. Grisdale said there was a relocation deadline, then he said there wasn't, then he told me that there wasn't... now I'm told that in fact there IS a relocation deadline, but it's flexible.

BCHL media guru Jeff Dubois called me today to clarify the issue on behalf of Grisdale and I appreciate him doing that. Despite what the commish told me yesterday, the reality is that there is a relocation application deadline of December 1rst.

However, he also told me that the BCHL has by-laws (which are hard to break) and regulations (which can be broken by a vote of the governors) and the relocation deadline is just a regulation. When I asked him why bother having a deadline at all if the governors have to vote on any relocation anyway, he said it is in place as a guideline more than anything. He made the point that some governors may chose to vote against a possible relocation because it comes after the application deadline.

So that should clear things up once and for all. There is a deadline, but the governors can ignore it if they have a majority.

Any questions? (Did that even make sense)

Now back to the game! 2-2 after one, this has been a good one so far. Tune in to Mountain FM at 104.1 in Trail, 99.3 in Castelgar, 103.5 in Nelson!

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