Saturday, January 10, 2009


We've seen some major moves before today's trade deadline. The big question today in BCHL circles is "What's Left?" Some thoughts at the Vees Blog.

At this point it's pretty obvious what teams will make the playoffs. What isn't known is how much those non-playoff teams will be selling. What teams are left to buy? Will any of the bubble teams be buying or selling? Lets take a look at some possible targets.

Non Playoff Teams

Merritt: Alex Goodship (89)(F), Paul Forster (88)(F), Scott Jacklin (90)(F), Jimmy Geerin (89)(D), Brad Bourke (89)(D), Harrison May (89)(G)

Quesnel: Trevor Hertz (89)(F), Mitchell Smith (88)(F), Taylor Rovatti (89)(F), Ben Payne (88)(F), Eric Galbraith (88)(F), Eliot Raibl (89)(D), Kiefer Smiley (90)(G) *Back to CV?*

Burnaby: Max Grassi (88)(F), Reid Edmondson (88)(F), Nathan Westover (88)(D), Greg Bay (89)(D)

Alberni Valley: Evan Witt (89)(F), Mitch MacMillan (89)(F), Chirs Moulson (88)(F), Brian Kang (88)(F), Matt Wong (88)(G)

Bubble Teams (Under 50 Points)

Prince George: Zach Davies (88)(D), Sean Ambrosie (89)(F), Alex Allan (89)(F), Wes McLeod (90)(D)

Trail: I'm not going to speculate in case anyone assumes I know something

Surrey: Adam Hartley (88)(F), Brett Corcoran (88)(F), Brennan Strang (88)(F), Tom Janosz (88)(D), Ilan Cumberbirch (88)(D), Tommy Tartaglione (88)(G)

Nanaimo: Russell Goodman (88)(F), Eric Filiou (89)(F), Steve Mason (88)(F), Ronnie Smith (8(F), Connor Krukowski (88)(D), Anders Franzon (89)(D), Jonathan Jobin (88)(G)

So there's part of what could be a large shopping list... but basically half a day to get it done. I think sleep is pretty hard to come by right now.

For teams like PG is the potential return for a guy like Davies too much to ignore? What about a guy like Hartley in Surrey? Those teams are not going to gut their rosters, but top end talent could sure fetch a nice return. We'll see.

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