Friday, January 9, 2009

Dutch Smokies Fan Interview

A newly married Dutch couple is coming to Trail tomorrow night to watch the Smokies take on Salmon Arm. Why Trail? They are big fans of the Galeen Smoke Eaters. It's a Dutch hockey team named after the Trail Smoke Eaters because of their World Championship wins in 1939 and 1961. This is their honeymoon. Is that not every man's dream? A wife who would honeymoon in hockey rinks! This is what Ro had to say when I interviewed him for Overtime and our broadcast. He and his wife will drop the puck tomorrow before the game against Salmon Arm. They will also bring a Galeen Smoke Eaters jersey with them. Lets all come out and show them what Trail hockey fans are made of!

Check out the interview and forgive him for being a Red Wings fan ;)

Dutch Smokies Fan Ro Herregraven

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