Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game Day: Williams Lake at Trail

This is a match-up between two teams who were once in the same spot now headed in different directions. It wasn't too long ago that Trail and Williams Lake were less than a handfull of points away from one another. However, since December 5th the Timberwolves have lost 12 of their last 13 games and they're currently in the midst of an 8 game losing skid. Meanwhile, the Smoke Eaters have points in their last 6 games and have won 4 of them.

For Williams Lake this is essentially a must win game if they have any hope of getting back in the playoff race. They basically have to win every game they have left against teams in the bottom 5 of the Interior and get some big upsets against top teams. For Trail it's a matter of building on their recent strong play. A let down against the Timberwolves gives up hugely valuable points and could derail some of their positive momentum. It's a huge game for both teams, and should be a game where they both play desperate hockey. Let's take a look at the season series...

September 27: Williams Lake 2 at Trail 7
October 30: Trail 1 at Williams Lake 6
November 21: Trail 9 at Williams Lake 6

It's been a strange series as the games in Williams Lake were very sloppy from a Trail perspective. After their first meeting in late September it seemed like the Smokies had Williams Lake outclassed. However, the re-match up north was perhaps one of the better games the Timberwolves have played all season as they dominated Trail. The third game between the two teams was a very strange game that saw the team's trade 3 goals on the same power play (Trail twice shorthanded and Williams Lake once) and score a total of 15 goals.


Trail: 5/16 (31%)
Williams Lake: 7/17 (41%)


1. F Nick Sandor (3-5-8)
2. F Scott Jacklin (2-5-7)
3. F Sam Mellor (4-1-5)
3. F Mike Betz (3-2-5)
3. F Travis St. Denis (2-3-5)


1. F Jason Diehl (3-2-5)
1. F Danny Mert (1-4-5)
3. F Ryan Stanimir (2-2-4)
4. F Trent Mudoch (1-2-3)


1. Kiefer Smiley (TRA) 2-0, 4.13GAA, 0. 880%
2. Sean Donnelly (WL) 1-1, 5.00GAA, 0.857%
3. Evan Dauenhauer (WL) 0-1, 6.00GAA, 0.900%
4. Garrett Beckwith (TRA) 0-1, 7.01GAA, 0.826%



Williams Lake


There is no home radio broadcast, but the game is available on BCHL PPV. I will also be taking care of the Williams Lake radio broadcast tonight.

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