Monday, January 25, 2010

Brown carries torch and road trip audio

Smokies forward and Trail native Justin Brown got the chance to carry the Olympic flame in Cranbrook this weekend. The injured Smoke Eaters alternate captain chatted with me tonight on Mountain FM's Overtime.

Smokies forward Justin Brown talks torch

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Congrats to Justin on what was I'm sure a pretty cool experience. Now we're just hoping to see him and all the other injured Smoke Eaters back in the line-up as soon as possible. Right now a total of seven Smokies are on the mend. Graeme Strukoff, Mitch Kaufmann, Thomas Abenante and Brown didn't make the road trip. Travis St. Denis, Curtis Tonello and Sam Mellor all got hurt during the trip. At this point only Abenante's injury appears to be season ending, but you never know what you're going to get until that hurt player steps back onto the ice. We'll see what kind of line-up the Smokies can put together tomorrow night against Powell River!


Nelson Ford Smokies Play by Play: Trail 5 Powell River 4

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Nelson Ford Smokies Play by Play: Victoria 4 Trail 1

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Nelson Ford Smokies Play by Play: Alberni Valley 4 Trail 2

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Nelson Ford Smokies Play by Play: Langley 8 Trail 5

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Former Smoke Eater Tye Lewis of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs

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I mentioned on my twitter that I was going to look up the stats comparing the coast to the interior when it comes to penalties taken. The coastal teams average just under 1 more "time shorthanded" per game than the interior teams. The top 4 most penalized teams are coastal clubs (Langley, Burnaby, Nanaimo and Surrey) while the 4 least penalized teams are interior teams (Prince George, Trail, Penticton and Vernon). Langley (who Trail played on Sunday and will host Thursday) is either on the power play or shorthanded an average of 12.68 times a game, while Trail is on the power play or shorthanded only an average of 9 times a game. I don't think it's a co-incidence as it appears the game is called somewhat differently on each side of the province.


Ryan Pinder said...

Also factor in that Jim Maniago and Grant Tyson are both based in the Trail area (from what I know).

Both are among the most respected officials in the league, known for much fewer whistles and minors handed out.

[Let the teams settle the game]

It would be interesting to assess the Trail minors at home vs. away... where Maniago and Tyson would theoretically call fewer Smokies games.

Shawn said...

Just did the quick math... at home Trail is either on the PP or PK 8 times per game while on the road it's 10 times per game. That proves your point that Maniago and Tyson really do let them play.

Of note the Smokies don't have any better PP vs. PK ratio at home or on the road. It's about the same.