Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Overtime Podcast, 50000 visitors

Mountain FM's Overtime is now a podcast! If you miss an episode of our weeknight sports talk show we'll have it for you online. It's available on our website right here on the blog if you look to left near the top of the blog. You can also click there to subscribe to the blog on iTunes. Listen to Overtime while you work out, ride the bus, cook dinner, shovel your lane, etc. Just remember that every episode of Overtime is brought to you by OK Tire in Trail. Without or sponsors and everyone who buys adds we couldn't bring you the type of show that isn't available in any other similar sized market. The latest episode we have posted includes a long interview with Smokies Coach and GM Jim Ingram. Check it out. To hear Overtime before it's available online you of course have to listen from 6pm to 10pm every weeknight on Mountain FM.

Also I wanted to quickly mention the blog has passed the 50,000 visitors mark. I don't know if that's good or bad given that it is now a 2 year old website that I've likely put more hours into than I spent on all 5 years of my High School education... we had grade 13 in Ontario at the time. I do know that I've really enjoyed working on the blog over the last 2 years and I hope that you have all enjoyed reading it. What have you enjoyed or not enjoyed about the blog? What kinds of things could I do to make improvements to it? Let me know in the comments section or feel free to e-mail me.

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