Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feeling Colourful?

In making my trips around the rink at the Cominco Arena game in and game out I know a lot of you have a lot to say about the game of hockey. There's years and years of hockey knowledge leaning up against the rails. It's not surprising that one of the best colour commentators in the game is Trail's own Ray Ferraro. People here know the game and love to talk about it. With that being said I'm looking for someone to join me up in the broadcast booth in Trail for the PPV broadcasts. That would just be for the games in Trail as opposed to the radio broadcasts I do for the road games.

After 2 and a half seasons of doing games mostly by myself I think it'd be a nice change of pace to have someone up there to analyse the game with. I've had Randy Emery with me on the road a couple of times and he did a great job, but he is too busy taking pictures and keeping stats during the home games. So here's your chance! I'm not asking for much because I can't offer much. I do those PPV games as a volunteer so it would have to be the same thing for you as well. That being said it is one of the best seats in the house! Basically all I'm asking is for someone to come upstairs with me and tell me what they think of what's happening on the ice. You've all seen it and heard it done before. I know there aren't necessarily a lot of professional broadcasters out there waiting to step into the role. I don't expect that. Just someone who knows and enjoys the game... and wouldn't mind spending a couple of ours talking about it on an Internet broadcast. If you think that might be good fun send me an e-mail at

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