Monday, November 10, 2008

Scary Scene Cancels Game

(Kevin McCallum and I)

Sorry for the lack of update this weekend I've been pretty busy. There wasn't much to report on the Smokies this weekend as their one game was postponed due to an incident on Highway 3 between Castlegar and Christina Lake. I was on the bus the whole time so I can't really give you much information on what happened. However, someone who can is Smokies Athletic Therapist Kevin McCallum. He jumped right off the bus as soon as he saw someone was hurt and went to work providing as much help as he could. Kudos to him and to Jim Ingram and Patrik Martin who also volunteered themselves at the scene.

Kevin McCallum on Friday's incident

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The Smokies also volunteered at a garage sale for the Castlegar Hospital Foundation on the weekend. We'll have some pictures from that day up on the Mountain FM website soon enough. They've been very active in the local communities so far this season. Hopefully that will lead to an increase in support from fans all around the West Kootenay.

Given my light schedule with the Smokies, I had a chance to call two Beaver Valley Nitehawks games this weekend. Check out if you ever want to see their broadcasts. The local Junior B league is very credible and exciting hockey for you fans looking for as much live hockey as they can get. You just have to look at Trail's roster to spot a ton of former KIJHL players. Justin Brown, Steve Koshey, Patrik Martin, Brandon Clark, Chad Gehon, Ryan Bulach, Riley Loyst, Jayson Readon, Jeff Zmurchyk... they all made their marks in the KIJHL before moving up to the Smokies. It's worth checking out.

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