Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Alumni Updates

After hearing from several former Smoke Eaters last week I got an update from G Grant Rollheiser and D Ryan Hill. Again I want to put out the word to any former Smoke Eater that I have not been able to contact; feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you're up to! You can e-mail me at shawnsamsmullin@hotmail.com or mullin@mountainfm.net

One year Smoke Eater Grant Rollheiser at Boston University

Things have been going really well here. Are first exhibition game is on Sunday against the University of New Brunswick. I am really excited about it. It will be the first time experience to actually play in a game at this level. We have our first official games next weekend against North Dakota and Michigan State which is going to be a huge test. Things have been pretty busy, balancing school and hockey isn't easy. But it is good to be going to university and it is a blast. Right now we are working out a tonne both off and on the ice. I cant wait til we start playing games.Hope everything is going well in Trail the team looks like they are off to a pretty good start.
Now I have to admit I got this on the weekend and have been slacking in getting it posted. As a result Rollheiser has all ready played in that game he was talking about. He did quite well too! Check out the game report on his team's blog:


I also heard from Grant's father who said it was a very good first game for his son. Better start than last year! Rollheiser struggled in pre-season for Trail in 07-08, but was one of if not the best goaltender in the BCHL in the second half. If he starts well this season who knows how good he'll be by the new year! You can follow Rollheiser's Boston University team at terriorhockey.blogspot.com and who knows maybe someday you'll be able to follow Rollheiser on TSN when he's in goal for the Maple Leafs!

Other quick updates:
  • Former Trail defenceman Ryan Hill is playing this year in the USHL for Waterloo. That's a great league with a high caliber of play. The main thing for Hill was that it's much closer to his Minnesota home. He tells me the league is a little bit younger than the BCHL, but the hockey is excellent and he's having a lot of fun. That's good to hear! Hill played solid defensive hockey for the Smokies last year. He was also the player who had his jaw broken on a controversial hit (or elbow) by Vernon forward Chris Crowell. Here's hoping he finds his way to an NCAA team next season!
  • Former Smokies Captain Kevin Limbert tells me their first game of the year will be an exhibition match up with the University of Ontario at Brown on Halloween. My brother Kyle was a part of the first graduating class out of that school based in Oshawa. I can't imagine they have much of a hockey program at this point, but I certainly could be wrong!

Again I'd love to hear from any Smokies alumni out there at shawnsamsmullin@hotmail.com

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