Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Renney to Edmonton

TSN is reporting that former Smoke Eaters coach Tom Renney will be joining the Edmonton Oilers as an associate coach under new head coach Pat Quinn. They have a press conference scheduled in the next couple of hours. Renney continues what has been quite a connection between the Oilers and Trail. Former Smoke Eater and Castlegar native Shawn Horcoff is Edmonton's #1 center. Trail native Steve Tambellini is Edmonton's General Manager. Now add a former Smoke Eaters coach to the mix and they might as well put a couple of smoke stacks on that Oilers jersey!

Congrats to Renney who is a huge class act. I've met him twice at the Smoke Eaters summer banquet and he's easily one of the nicest and sharpest hockey people I've encountered. Quinn also took some time to visit Trail during the World Junior A Challenge. I didn't get the opportunity to meet him, but I heard he made quite a positive impression. You don't get much more qualified than these two! They should make a heck of a tandem for Edmonton.

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