Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brodie Reid traded to Alberta

(John Stimson)

As pointed out today on the BCHL message board, the AJHL transactions page lists a deal that sends Brodie Reid from Nanaimo to Brooks for John Stimson. So what stands out for you about that transaction? How about that Brodie Reid was last seen playing for the Penticton Vees in the second round of the BCHL playoffs. How did Reid end up as Nanaimo's property? Wasn't he scheduled to start his scholarship at Northwestern this year? I believe he had delayed it to play last season so perhaps it got delayed again after what must be considered a somewhat disappointing season for him. After lighting it up with Burnaby the year before, Reid got dealt to what should have been a good situation in Penticton playing with the likes of Denver Manderson. However, his point and goal totals dipped as Reid ended up surprisingly under a point a game pace with the high powered Vees.

What happened? Perhaps the chemistry was just never quite there. Reid is a terrific finisher, but when I saw the Vees he didn't really seem to always be on the same page as his linemates. If he has to delay that scholarship for another year perhaps it's good for Reid to get a fresh start somewhere new.

As for Stimson, he scored at a 0.8 points per game pace in Brooks last season as a 19 year old. That's double his pace from the year before. Certainly anyone who shows that kind of improvement has to be intriguing. Can he take his game to another level? He goes to Nanaimo and will fill up a 20 year old spot there, so they must be expecting him to make a leap forward. He's listed at 6'1 and 180lbs so he's not a small player either.

The big question out of all this is how did Reid get from Penticton to Nanaimo and what was involved in that deal? I'm just excited that the off season wheeling and dealing is starting already.

I'm having trouble getting to the BCHL website right now so I'll try and update later.

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Hockey Man said...

Poorly handled by Fred. Reid came to Penticton after suffering spleen and wrist injuries in Burnaby and playing his first games representing Team West in the World Junior A Challange where he did well according to scouting reports. In his first three weeks at Penticton he was named player of the week in the BCHL showing why he was ranked 85 for North American skaters in the NHL draft. I strongly feel the problem was Fred as he coaches through intimidation rather than positve reinforcement. He show's a lack of respect to all his senior players and is focused on showcasing younger players in hopes to brag about scolorships. Poor team chemistry and a coach who needs anger management was Reids and Pentictons problem. Also I heard Reid was back and forth from Vancouver in January as his Grandfather had cancer and he watched him pass away in the hospital. Not easy for the best of us.Also Fred is a systems guy and does not know how to adapt to changing events during games. Boring and not suited for a gifted player such as Reid. I also heard Reid is taking all his direction from a real coach his head coach in Northeastern who wants him to continue developing and not rush anything as Reid is only 1 of 5 or 6 at Northeastern with a full ride scolorship so it is prudent of Northeastern to want this. What's the rush? They are now ranked 4th in Hockey East I wonder if the know something Fred doesn't. For Fred not to work with Brodie was probably a relief for Reid but for Bestwick from Nanimo to move him to Alberta is bullshit and an embarrasment to the BCHL. I'm guessing Reid will choose to go the USHL for his final season to remove himself from the bullshit created by the self centered F.B and the old fart B.B. and Brooks will now be pissed at the BCHL. Good job guys. I understand there is a biding war taking place between the USHL and a number of BCHL teams and I personally wish Reid the best and look forward to watching him on T.V. playing for N.E in a couple of seasons.