Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Training Camp Day 3: Inter-Squad Game

Today the Smokies wrapped up training camp with the annual inter-squad game. It is sometimes called the black and orange game or the black and white or orange and white... in this case they wore blue and white so we'll just call it the inter-squad game. The coaching staff told me the 60+ person roster was cut down by 10-15 players heading into the game, but there are still a lot of decisions to make. This wasn't close to the final roster we'll see come September 10th as there were still eight 16 year olds with the club as of game time. There is a very impressive group of 94s and 95s out of the West Kootenay. 15 year old Dryden Hunt has been drawing all kinds of raves this week for his play. He'll be a future star for this team after spending this season playing for Simon Wheeldon and Brent Heaven's Major Midget club.

The game started well, but you could see once they hit the third period that the guys had run out of gas. They all played this morning and had been on the ice consistently throughout the last three days. It showed in the later part of this game. We also didn't see a few of the veteran players like Kiefer Smiley, Paul Mailey, Steve Koshey, Sam Mellor and Brett Slobodzian. Here is the summary:


1. [17:01] Team Whtie - Cullen Bradshaw (Penalty Shot)


2. [0:54] Team Blue - Logan Proulx (Travis St. Denis, Dylan Tappe)
*Nice passing play*

3. [3:33] Team Blue - Keanan Patershuk
*Puck hit the back boards and went off the back of the goalie*

4. [9:12] Team White - Curtis Tonello (Cullen Bradshaw, Rajan Sidhu) PP
*Tonello knocks in the rebound of Bradshaw's shot*


No Scoring


5. [3:56] Team White - Dallas Calvin (Ben Matthews, Jesse Knowler)
*See the video on top of this post*


No shot totals but Matt LaRose and Andrew Walton each allowed 2 goals in their half. Mike Vlanich allowed only the OT winner in his half. Zach Perehudoff had a shut out.


G Matt LaRose (92)
G Mike Vlanich (92)

D Graeme Strukoff (91)
D L. Koentges (92)
D Eric Walker (93)
D Ryan Dixon (94)
D Walker Sidoni (94)
D Easton Bodeux (94)

F Thomas Abenante (90)
F Travis St. Denis (92)
F Logan Proulx (91)
F Jamie Vlanich (93)
F Keanan Patershuk (93)
F B. McDonald (93)
F Tanner Burns (93)
F Ben Greenaway (93)
F Scott Morriseau (91)
F Dylan Tappe (92)
F K. Petit (92)


G Andrew Walton (91)
G Zach Perehudoff (93)

D Curtis Tonello (90)
D Rajan Sidhu (91)
D Clayton McEwan (91)
D Braden Hikichi (92)
D Ben Matthews (91)
D M. Carr (94)

F Matt Laboucaine (91)
F D. Lynum (93)
F Cullen Bradshaw (90)
F Dallas Calvin (94)
F Joey Baker (93)
F Adam Wheeldon (94)
F Jesse Knowler (94)
F Dryden Hunt (95)
F Beau Blanaru (92)
F Diego Bartlett (94)
F Adam Boytinck (92)


Just quickly wanted to mention that recently acquired defenecman Cole Gelley has left the Smokies. Jim Ingram confirmed today that Gelley felt that "Trail isn't his place" and he went back home to the lower mainland. I don't know Gelley from a hole in the wall outside of one interview where he seemed very enthusiastic about the opportunity. Based on that conversation I was very surprised to hear Gelley took off so quickly, but I suppose we can't judge without walking a mile in another man's shoes. I'm sure he wants to be traded back home but if he is narrowing his choices down to teams in that region he certainly is lowering the chances that a move can be made.

Ultimately the Smoke Eaters were going to have to relieve themselves of at least one veteran defenceman as they had eight of them coming into camp. This departure just opens the door even further for a guy like Clayton McEwan to bring his year of BCHL experience into Trail's line-up. This team is deep enough that it certainly doesn't have to beg anyone to play here.

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Shawn, Just wanted to say keep up the good work! Will you be broadcasting tomorrow & Saturday nights Vipers-Smoke Eater games on the radio or internet? Will you even be making the trip to both games? If so it would be much appreciated if you could give us fans who cant make the trip a run down on both games as well as both teams lineups. Many thanks. I was thinking of heading down, but I decided to pass, due to it being the exibition season.

Thanks again,