Friday, June 4, 2010

Healing Anaya

This isn't typical content for this blog but I felt the need to pass it on. My friend is helping organize an event for a family in Nelson that could use some community support. If you'd like to attend or could donate to the cause I'm sure it'd be appreciated. Here is the information...

On June 11, 2010 there will be a Fundraiser Gala Dinner and Dance at the Prestige Inn to support baby Anaya and her family and to raise money for Krabbe Leukodystrophy research.

Anaya Cassin-Potts is a local 8 month old baby recently diagnosed with infantile Krabbe Leukodystrophy. This terrible disease causes demyelination in the brain leading to loss of motor function, loss of speech, blindness, deafness, and often death before age two.


Anaya’s family has been doing their best to help her heal utilizing alternative therapies as there are no conventional medical treatments for this disease once symptoms appear. Her mother stays by her side day in and day out to ensure her comfort and enjoyment of life. She receives daily physiotherapy exercise and has shown some improvement. Read her blog at

Having a child that is medically fragile puts extra strain on her young family. In order to meet their financial needs during this time it is necessary to fundraise to ensure their quality of life and lessen financial stress. The family also wishes to raise funds for the Hunters Hope Foundation which conducts Krabbe Leukodystrophy research and provides family supports.


We are looking to the community to support this event by contributing to the silent auction or attending the event. If you wish to contribute please contact Julia 250.551.4185 at , or Tom at 250.505.0275. Tickets to the Gala available at the Prestige. For ticket delivery call Julia or Tom. Gala info call 250.505.0275.

Ticket includes Wine with Dinner and Live Music, $50.

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