Thursday, May 20, 2010

Williams Lake Governor speaks out on suspension

Timberwolves Governor and Minority Shareholder Richard Kohlen

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It looks like there is more to this story than we're hearing so far. I just feel bad that Timberwolves fans had to pay the price for a problem that occurred within the ownership structure of the team. When Kohlen says that it was not an "open" process you have to wonder what he means by that. Does he feel like he was deceived in some way? I'm curious to see how much more of these details we'll end up hearing. If I were in the Williams Lake media I'd be digging deeper. This is only one side of the issue, but I appreciate him at least being willing to get deeper into this story than anyone else has yet.


...Congrats to former Smoke Eater Andrew Pickering for getting the NCAA opportunity he has been working so hard for over the past few years. I know this has been at the front of his mind for a long time so I'm really happy to see it happen for him. In addition I'd also like to congratulate former Smoke Eater Braden Kinnebrew for committing to play for an NCAA Division III school in Vermont. Best of luck to both guys.

...There is a pretty cool story on the Puck Daddy from a man who knew Duncan Keith back in his BCHL days and has followed his meteoric rise to NHL stardom. If I were starting a franchise from scratch I think Drew Doughty is the only defenceman I would pick ahead of Keith. The Norris nominee may soon add a cup ring to that remarkable journey to the top.

...My Mountain FM colleague Chris Wahl has a story on his blog about Castlegar sustaining an $11,000 loss this year. The Fernie Ghostriders blog also had a story on that team losing money this year. They are only a couple of teams that were hit hard by the economic downturn and the loss of gaming grants in the same year. I imagine there will be quite a few teams trying to figure out how to get out of the red after the 2009-2010 season. Community support is going to be more important than ever for the survival of junior hockey.

...Wahl also has a note on his blog and I mentioned it on my twitter earlier today that the USHL is after some BCHL players again this year. However, it appears the Alberni Valley Bulldogs were the only target of their Entry Draft this time around. Lincon drafted both Bulldogs defenceman Nick Cecere and forward Mark MacMillan. Chicago drafted Bulldogs defenceman and Castlegar native Ryan Renz. Intersting for the Steel to dip back into the BCHL pond after they took Patrick Raley from Trail (and traded him to the NAHL) and Sahir Gill from Vernon (and he left the team in December) without much success last year. It appears the USHL thinks the Bulldogs are susceptible to a raiding with the loss of Coach and GM Nolan Graham. I hope Alberni Valley doesn't suffer the same fate that Trail did from this type of thing last season.

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