Friday, September 25, 2009

Game 5: Westside 9 Trail 2 (Post Game Audio)

What can you say about last night's game? A few bad goals early spiralled into a huge blow out and an embarrassing loss. There are a lot of good hockey players on this Trail Smoke Eaters team who need to work themselves out of a serious funk. This team isn't as bad as the score would indicate. They just aren't. I'm not a hockey genius but I know that much. However, losing is contagious and they need to battle to get a couple of wins. They need build some positive vibes and momentum. The guys also need to have the right attitude going into this weekend because Quesnel and Williams Lake are not going to role over for anyone. They've both won against tough opposition and tested some other very good teams.

This is a very important weekend for the future of most of these players. We won't see a ton of moves before tomorrow's game... there just isn't enough time... but games like last night and the home opener could very quickly earn a few guys a ticket out of town. I hope that doesn't happen. I also hope the Trail fans don't jump right off the bandwagon so early in the season. The team needs a strong crowd now as much as they ever will. Here are the highlights from our broadcasts of Nelson Ford Trail Smoke Eaters Hockey and a post-game chat with Brian Youngson.

Smokies Assistant Coach Brian Youngson

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Nelson Ford Trail Smoke Eaters Hockey: Trail 3 at Penticton 5

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Nelson Ford Trail Smoke Eaters Hockey: Trail 2 at Westside 9

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