Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lidster Interviews

(Lidster with Salmon Arm - Photo Randy Emery)

I'm on holidays this week so it took me a little longer to get the interviews up. Here's Lidster discussing the trade and his career. I also talked to Jim Ingram about the motivation behind the deal. He also talked about losing Jayson Reardon and Jeff Zmurchyk in separate deals.

Colin Lidster on Mountain FM's Overtime

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Jim Ingram on the Lidster for Reardon deal

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...After I recently mentioned that Quesnel might want to hurray up and hire a coach they almost immediately announced the hiring of their new bench boss. I take full credit for the announcement. Seriously though, Glen Watson sounds like a very experienced and accomplished Coach and General Manager at the Junior A level. Good luck to him in Quesnel.

...I know a few of the Smoke Eaters are having a fun time talking trash about the Stanley Cup finals. Off the top of my head I know that Steve Koshey and Danny DeKeyser are both big Red Wings fans while Travis St. Denis is a Penguins backer. Stats and photo guru Randy Emery is also one of the biggest Pittsburgh fans I know. So far it looks like Steve and Danny have the bragging rights. Don't forget though that the Penguins were down 2-0 in their series against Washington too. I've never seen a team get fewer bounces than Pittsburgh has so far in the series. The Wings are hard enough to beat when luck is on your side!

...Since I'm on holidays this week we're airing a "best of" Overtime every night. Wednesday is a Smokies 08-09 year in review show. Tune in from 6pm to 10pm on Mountain FM.

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